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Face Shots Ventures Inc. is the sales agency representing Burton Snowboards, RED Protection, Anon Optics, Gravis Footwear, Analog Clothing, Alien workshop, Habitat skateboard, Reflex tools & FRENDS audio. We sell to authorized dealers in BC and the Yukon. We are actively involved the in the snow, skate and surf industry in this region, organizing and sponsoring a multitude of events, throwing parties, holding product demos, cultivating a young crew of up and coming rippers and just generally having fun.

Jeff Martino

Shoe Size: 11
Favorite Meat: goat entrails (with bacon)
Hates: Haters; Music without guitars.
Contact: faceshots@telus.net
Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Jenna Henderson

Shoe Size: 8.5
Favorite Meat: BEEF!!!!!
Hates: The word moist.
Contact: jenna@faceshots.net
Position: Sales rep – Burton Softgoods

Ariel Erez

Shoe Size: 9
Favorite Meat: meat that sweats!!!
Hates: days were im not shredding!!!
Contact: ariel@faceshots.net
Position: Sales rep – Burton Hardgoods

Scott Herbert

Shoe Size: 9.5
Favorite Meat: bacon and anything wrapped in bacon!!!!
Hates: people who don’t like bacon!
Contact: scott@faceshots.net
Position: Marketing/Sales – Analog, Gravis, Alien Workshop, Habitat Skateboards, FRENDS