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Can you help me with a warranty?

Face Shots Ventures is not allowed to get involved in the warranty process. We can neither evaluate warranty claims nor issue RA’s. If you’re a dealer please contact your Dealer Service Rep. If you’re a consumer, please contact Rider Services at (800) 881 – 3138.

Do you sell off your samples?

Every once in a while we hold a sample sale. If you’re in the industry (or friends with someone who is) you’ll hear about it when it happens. Samples typically come in guy’s Large and women’s Medium with footwear in guy’s 9 or women’s 7.

Can I get a proform?

Proforms become available around the same time product starts shipping for the new season. Burton proforms are distributed automatically so don’t even bother asking us for one. If you didn’t get one you ain’t getting one. For the other brands, we usually have some on hand and can provide them to shop staff by request.

Can I drop by?

We always love it when people come to visit, however, contrary to popular belief, we do not sit around all day playing video games and drinking beer. We actually work really hard…no really…stop laughing already! So if you’re thinking of paying us a visit, just give us a call first to ensure that we’re around and that we’re not in an appointment or meeting.

Can I get sponsored?

Maybe. We’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for new talent. While we do maintain a roster of young riders, we can’t sponsor everyone who asks.Send us a proposal and resume. Videos, pics and a listing of past contest results and past media exposure are all helpful. It also can’t hurt to send lavish gifts. (Submissions will NOT be returned).

I need to order some more product

Awesome. You can order online on the BIN, call your DSR, send smoke signals or call us. It’s all good.

I need logos/photos for a website/flyer

Head over to the marketing site. You’ll need a username and password which we can supply for you or you can get from your DSR.

Do you do special orders?

Yes! If you have net access in your store you can place special orders on the BIN with your customer and get immediate product availability and shipping times. Or else you can call us or your DSR. Remember that product ships from Quebec. We do not have any inventory at our showroom.

Can you order personal product for me?

NO! If you need gear for yourself, order it on proform or through your shop. We do not have a magical stash of product at the warehouse.

I have a product question

The brand’s website is the best place to start (click the appropriate icon on the top right). If you can’t find an answer there just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.

How do I get a job with Face Shots?

Work hard and let your work speak for itself. Most of our hires have come out of the snowboard retail world.

How do i get in touch with _______ at ________?

We don’t give out contact info for the peeps at head office. If you’ve got product feedback or suggestions, direct them to us and we’ll make sure the right people hear it.