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Face Shots Ventures Inc. also supports a small crew of local rippers. These guys and gals are some of the funnest, most talented up and coming snowboarders and many of them have made the jump to the next level and beyond. If you ever meet them you won”t forget it and if you get a chance to ride with them you”ll have one of the funnest days in your life.
If you think you can keep up with us and feel as if you deserve to be on our team email us and explain why!!!

Alex Volokhov

Age: 15
Resides: If that means where I live, Nelson BC
Set up: Burton Fix, C60 EST, Burton Ions
3 things you bring on a road trip: Ipod, Pillow, and toothbrush
Longest I’ve worn my gear: 24hrs at Grouse
You need to know about me:Uhh.. I can kinda grow a mustache…

Tamo_shred Tamo Campos

Age: 19
Resides: Inbetween North van and whistler
Set up: hawkeye all black gogs
3 things you bring on a road trip: trail mix, sleeping bag and probably more superstore trail mix
longest you have worn your gear non stop:I try to wash my stuff pretty often although probably contradics my next answer
you need to know about me: Had the same shred socks for a solid 7 years.

junior_mint Alaura Ewen

Age: 19
Set up: Lipstick 151
3 things you bring on a road trip: Beers, snowboard stuff and a teddy bear
Longest you ever wore your gear at once: probably a solid 72… hours.
You need to know about me: I tell bad jokes!!!


dan_stubbs Dan Stubbs

Age: 17
Resides: Whistler, BC
Set up: 153 Stepchild, everything sucks. Danny Kass Union Bindings, 32 Prime’s.
3 things you bring on a road trip: Computer, Lots of 32 Shred socks! Ipod
longest you have worn your gear non stop:Definatley slept in it before.
you need to know about me: I can wake up at anytime and be ready in 5 minutes if its to shred. I like girls.

Face Shot’s Alumni

Donnie Ellis
Drew Nielsen
Mike Prizeman
Mike Pedersen
Russ Ockenden
Mark Sollors
Brendan Keenan
Aaron Shapiro
Jeff Pepperdine
Spencer O’Brien
Dustin O’Farrell
Alex Martin
Stephanie Just
Johnny Lyall
Sarah Kopinya